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Are you a Legal Assistant?

How do Legal Assistants/Para-Legal/Secretary/Special Assistants request access/submit filings?

Once your attorney gets access to a case, he/she can delegate that case to you. Then you will be able to access the case without having to request access.
The delegation process requires the following 3 steps.  

1.       Organization’s admin creates organization and add members to it.

     a.       From the main dashboard, navigate to the “My Organizations” page from “My Account”

     b.       Click on the “Add Organization” button

     c.       Enter the organization details in the Add Organization form

     d.       Finally, click on the “Save” button to add the organization.

     e.       The Active Members table displays all the members of the organization. You can search for individual members by their name or email id.

     f.        The Join Requests table displays the list of users who have requested to join the organization. You can search for an individual user by their name or email id.

     g.       To add members to the organization, Click the “Add Members” button

     h.       Enter the email ids of members to add to the organization separated by commas, and click on the “Submit” button  

2.       Attorney delegates access to other members

    a.       Cases can be delegated by attorneys to legal assistants in their organization to process the cases on their behalf.

    b.       From the main dashboard, access the OALJ dashboard.

    c.       From the My Access Request or New Cases table, select the case that needs to be delegated.

    d.       To delegate access, click on the “Delegate Access” button

    e.       The page shows the list of members of the organization.

    f.        Search for a specific member by name or email

    g.       If a member of the organization already has access to an case, the table will show “Has Access” status

    h.       Return to the case details page

    i.         The Delegated Users table will show the member delegated to the case and by who.  

3.       Delegated user accesses cases

    a.       Delegated user logins to the system and access the OALJ dashboard.

    b.       The Cases Delegated to Me table shows the delegated case.

    c.       Click on the OALJ number to access the case details page

    d.       The delegate user can do all operations such as Submit a New Filing, access servings etc.  


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