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Recording of the Aug 22, 2023 Training Webinar

The Department of Labor hosted a refresher training webinar on Aug 22, 2023 covering a range of core system features. The recording of the webinar can be accessed using the link below.

Recording of the webinar held on Aug 22, 2023

The webinar provided an overview of how to use the system and how to effectively use the delegation module. The training also discussed tips on how to avoid some common mistakes related to managing your login accounts. 

The specific topics covered were.

  • Managing your login account through login.gov
  • The different types of users in eFile and eServe system
  • What is delegation and what is required to enable delegated access to cases
  • What is an organization, how to setup an organization and add members
  • How to join an existing organization
  • How to request for access to single and multiple cases, as a party or a delegated user
  • How to file to your cases, as a party or a delegated user
  • How to file a new case (request for hearing)
  • Which users are served by the system and how to view served documents
  • Switched to a new email account? How to transfer your cases and data to a new account.
  • How to get help